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Technocrats Domain Inc has been providing WTX (formerly Mercator, Datastage TX) services for over 12 years. TCD has built proprietary tools, all tools are provided free of charge to TCD customers only. Tools assist analyst, developers and quality analyst staff to be productive.
WTX, IIB Audit Log Insertion and Notification
Document Map
Visio Map
WTX, IIB Log Insertion and Notification
Allows to generate reports for the WTX, IIB transactions in Excel Report. Customers need to have WTX in house:
Excel Reports for Dev, QA, Prod - Transactions coming through WTX, IIB (All or Failed).
Track transactions based on Status (Failed, Success), Partner Id, Date Range, etc.
Ability to Select Options to display in Report, example: MapName, Status, Version, Time, etc.
Email Alerts along with DB Insertion (SQL, Oracle, DB2)
Works for WTX, WTX with DataPower, WTX with IIB (formerly WMB)
Utility available for Technocrats Customers only - WTX, IIB Reporting & Notification
To setup a Demo please E-Mail (E-Mail: wtx@technocratsdomain.com)
Document Map
At TechnocratsDomain we specialize in providing WTX Services. We have developed tools that assist analyst and developers in regards to upgrading, documentation, and code review of the Mercator/DataStage TX maps.

Map Document takes the map in XML format and produces a html and summary document out of the map.   Following are some of the advantages of the application:
Easy readable and printable format of map rules (html).
Summary page displays all Mercator Functions, Type Trees, Hard Coded Paths used in the Map.
Displays all the Resource Registry variables in the Map.
Map Designer is not needed to look at the Map document.
Perform code review, analyze the rules by a business analyst or a Mercator person without any hassle of  having the software.
Takes less than a min for most of the maps to produce the summary/html document. Reduce documentation time from 4 hours to a minute.
Over 500% savings in time compared to documenting the same manually.
To setup a Demo please E-Mail (E-Mail: wtx@technocratsdomain.com)
Visio Map
Map Flow takes the map in XML format and produces a Visio diagram out of the map. Following are some of the application’s advantages:
Produces the map into Visio flow diagram.
Takes less than a min to produce a Visio out of the map.
May need additional alignment from the user.
To setup a Demo please E-Mail (E-Mail: wtx@technocratsdomain.com)
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