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At TechnocratsDomain we excel in providing ITX (formerly WTX, DataStage TX, Mercator), ITXA training Services - US, Canada, UK and India. We have a proven track record of successfully training and implementing EAI, EDI, HIPAA, SWIFT projects using ITX (IBM WTX, DataStage TX, Mercator) along with other technologies. ITX (WTX) Versions for which training is provided include 7.5, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and WTX 8.4, ITX 9, ITXA:
Technocrats Domain specializes in IBM WTX, ITX, ITXA Training:
IBM WTX, ITX (DataStage TX/Mercator) Design Studio Fundamentals - 3 days
Advanced Mapping Techniques for IBM WTX, ITX - 2 days
Upgrade from IBM WTX 8.4 to ITX 9 - 1 day
Upgrade from Partner Manager to SPE, ITXA - 1 day
IBM ITXA (Partner Manager - SPE, Launcher) - 2 days
IBM ITX (WTX) with EDI or HIPAA - 1 day
ITX (WTX) with IIB (WMB) - 1 day
ITX (WTX) with DataPower - 1 day
ITX - WTX with Sterling B2Bi - 1 day
Client specific training for IBM ITX (DataStage TX/WTX)
For more details regarding training, please email or call us at 877-857-3101.
Why choose Technocrats Domain Training:
Proven track record in training and developing IT solutions using IBM Transformation Extender (WTX, ITX & ITXA).
15 Years of ITX/WTX Consulting and Training experience
Training can be done OnSite/OffSite/OffShore/WebBased. Training focus on more practical and Real-time scenarios.
Training is followed by a 2-week period for questions and answers support sessions.
All TechnocratsDomain clients have free access to our IBM WTX Documentation and Reporting Tools tool
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