EAI Services

We are pleased to share that TCD has a 98% customer retention rate for all services.

TCD has been providing EAI services for over 18 years utilizing ITX (WTX), DellBoomi, BizTalk, Talend and Informatica (IICS). We have a proven track record of successfully implementing IT projects using EAI tools in conjunction with HIPAA, EDI, XML, SWIFT and Proprietary formats. We have provided EAI services to many industries including Retail, HealthCare, Medical Device, Insurance, Transportation, Financial, and Semiconductor. A few service options that TCD provides in the US, UK, India, Canada using EAI tools are:

Service Options

Fixed Bid

Time and Materials

Combination of Time and Materials, Fixed Bid

TCD EAI, EDI Services (Mapping, Migration, Support)

Business Analysis

Migration to Other EAI Tools

Mapping, Deployment, Source Control

Production Support

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