Edi-Hippa Services

We are pleased to share that TCD has a 98% customer retention rate for all services.

TCD has been offering customers EDI staffing, consulting and training services over the last 10 years in HealthCare Industry, Retail, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Pharmacy and Automotive Industry. Training can be done onsite (US, UK, Canada, India) and offsite, offshore.

EDI training is split into two courses: Fundamentals of EDI and Fundamentals of EDI for HIPAA:

Fundamentals of Edi

EDI terminology

Focus on why and where to use EDI

How to create a paperless system

EDI Standards, Mandatory Segments

EDI Best Practices

EDI Mapping Guides

EDI Communication Mechanism

EDI Translations

Customized examples can be used in the class based on the industry to which the client belongs to.

Fundamentals of Edi – Hippa

EDI-HIPAA terminology

Focus on why and where to use EDI – HIPAA

How to create a paperless system

How HIPAA differs from EDI

Transactions and Relation between different transactions
270, 271, 275, 276, 277, 278, 820, 834, 835, 837 I/P/D, 997, TA1

HIPAA Standards and Best Practices

HIPAA Mapping Guides

EDI-HIPAA Communication Mechanism

EDI-HIPAA Translators

A real time and batch HIPAA transaction would be used as part of the training.