Training College Grad to be Industry Ready

Experience TCD services that has 98% customer retention

rate over the past 18 Years

Hiring the Right Candidate

We work with local universities and hire the right graduates. We look for students with:
  • Good Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Team mentality
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Good GPA

Train Candidate

TCD conducts training for the hired graduates:
  • Web-Based Training
  • One-on-One Training
    • Locally
    • Atlanta
    • Houston
    • India
  • Providing VM to Practice for 30 days

On Boarding Trained Resource

The client & TCD always follow up on the training program and progress. Once training is completed, the trained graduate would be on-boarded as a contract to hire resources.


  • Trained Graduate would work as a regular consultant onsite for 6 months
  • Client would decide the date to move resources as fulltime employee
  • 95% of the time, the client Selects TCD short-listed candidates as employee (based on a year’s data)

TCD – Client Partnership:

  • Our model would be cusotmized as per each client for a mutual benefit
  • We improve the process as we gain more information